Impress III

Fisherton Mill's third exhibition of contemporary printmaking

Saturday 7th April to Saturday 19th May 2018

Laura Boswell Autumn Dawn Print for Impress III exhibition at Fisherton Mill

From deaf models to neutrinos

For the third year in succession, we are  holding an exhibition of contemporary printmaking, showcasing work by nine specially selected artists from around the country. The aim is to impress visitors with just how varied printmaking is today by exhibiting work using a range of techniques and depicting a range of often unexpected subject matters.

Perhaps the most unusual subjects are those chosen by London-based printmaker Margaret Ashman, who depicts deaf models signing or dancing. These ghostly, faintly surreal, female figures seem to be meditating and emanate an uncanny sense of stillness which is almost spiritual.

The majority of the exhibitors are inspired by the natural world with landscape being an ever popular subject. However, they all treat this huge subject in very different ways: Hetty Haxworth reduces the coastal landscape to three simple ovals in her print Red Pebble, while Louise Davies depicts a mountain range using broad swathes of painterly colour to create a powerful sense of place. Other artists such as Ian MacCulloch opt for a much more detailed approach and in his etching The Lane he carefully picks out every branch of an old oak tree, while Steve Edwards relishes the complexity of the city skyline.

Admission is free.

Opening hours:  Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm

Ian McCulloch print called "Barn Owl"
Amanda Taylor Kew Echinacea print