Vanessa Conyers

These handcrafted ceramic pieces are assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics. Vanessa uses layers of paint, mono-print and glaze embellished with enamel decals, gold lustre & mother of pearl.

Julia Davey

Julia makes small batches of earthenware ceramic items inspired by personal events, places and objects. She says “One day it’s flamingos at the zoo and the next a bee trapped in my garden shed”.

Alice Garland

These unique ceramic pieces are created using paper porcelain made from a mixture of raw materials, mainly china clay, potash feldspar, quartz and bentonite. Alice  finishes the mix with the addition of some paper fibre.

Sue Binns

Sue’s functional domestic stoneware is produced by brushing dilute cobalt over the dolomite glaze before firing to 1240°c. Combinations of stripes are a major feature of her work and are carefully chosen to suit each individual piece.

Ralph Jandrell

The beautiful landscape of the Shropshire Hills is what provides Ralph with the constant inspiration for his work. He spends every available moment working with clay, designing, making, painting, glazing and firing pots.

Samantha Silverton

Wiltshire ceramicist Samantha works in earthenware clay, coiling and slab building to create her distinctive tableware. She is particularly interested in shape, line and colour and hand paints every piece she makes.

Andrew Bull

Andrew’s work is based around small figures and animals depicting the lighter side of life. Each piece is handmade in porcelain, being fired three times, firstly in a bisque, a glaze and finally a lustre firing.

Shelton Pottery

Ken and Valerie make all their work by hand. Ken throws the pots using fine white earthenware and Valerie decorates each piece with free-hand painting using ceramic colours; no transfers or guidelines are used. Each piece is truly unique.