Yvette Cannon

Yvette’s work, inspired by nature & the timeless themes of love in its many forms, has a sculptural quality. She has the ability to produce an element of delicacy in some pieces whilst still forming substantial tactile hardwearing objects.

Annie Cracknell

Annie’s work is characterised by its delicacy and elegance. Her pieces have their own unique inspiration and character yet they are all extremely wearable, classic pieces of jewellery which will last a lifetime.

Anne Morgan

Anne enjoys silver’s potential for texture and her ranges explore the relationship of look and feel in the materials she uses. Anne’s specialism in her jewellery is to use a technique called reticulation.

Sylvia Tomkinson

Sylvia’s passion for jewellery spans over 35 years. A feature of her jewellery is the use of contrasts – varying texture, colour, the combined use of silver and gold, gemstones or chemical treatment of the metal’s surface.

Helen Burgess

Inspired by nature, historical jewellery and jewellery from around the world, Helen likes to create pieces that are simple and unique that has a timeless quality to them that will compliment any outfit.

Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca endeavours to produce accessible, wearable jewellery. Her inspiration is taken from antique jewellery and collectables resulting in designs that echo the decadence of times gone by.  With a more modern approach she creates classic, yet contemporary jewellery designs.

Jenny Balson

Jenny’s work explores light and shadow, interiors and exteriors. She finds herself drawn to forms which offer shelter, whether these be in nature or man made. She intends to create a kind of interior sanctuary.

Susanna Hanl

Most of Susanna’s pieces are one-offs in silver, gold, pearls, precious and semi precious stones – Susanna loves the idea that every individual piece is unique, which makes it even more special for the person who wears it.

Nancy Pickard

Nancy’s sculptural jewellery is made by enamelling onto hand cut pieces of silver. Each piece is unique and she never makes two pieces the same.

Jacqueline Law

Jacqueline’s silver rings, necklaces and earrings incorporate tiny copper detail (including etched copper), and gold and silver coloured hematite gemstones, all designed to reveal interesting features when viewed from different angles.

Fiona Hutchinson

Taking her inspiration from the coast, her home, places she visits and even her pantry, Fiona creates unique and wearable jewellery combining gems and precious metals.

Fi Mehra

Fi’s jewellery making is inspired by her travels, the Wiltshire countryside, local history and, since moving nearer the to the sea, the coast and her new surroundings in East Sussex.

Dunja Wood

Inspired by the world around her, Dunja creates beautiful, individual jewellery, made from a variety of beads. Using carefully selected semi-precious stones, often mixed with other materials, her unique pieces are designed to achieve a balance in terms of colour, pattern, form and texture.

Helen Louise Baynham

Helen loves to create unique and original jewellery recrafted from solid silver antique and vintage spoons (and sometimes also knives, forks and sugar tongs). As well as being a gorgeous piece of jewellery, the spoon ring is thought to represent love, responsibility and commitment.