New Paintings

Exhibition by Peter Matthews

Saturday 26th May to Saturday 9th June 2018

Glacier Bay, Alaska - image by Peter Matthews
Glacier Bay, Alaska - image by Peter Matthews
Glacier Bay, Alaska - image by Peter Matthews

Close-up views of glaciers inspire an interest in abstraction

Salisbury-based artist Peter Matthews is showcasing a selection of new work in a solo show at Fisherton Mill this summer. Peter is a regular at the venue and had a successful one-man show there in 2013, but this exhibition marks a departure for him as it will feature his new, more abstract-based works and his atmospheric interior scenes as well as more familiar landscapes and architectural views.

Peter's recent interest in abstract art was in part inspired by a trip to Glacier Bay in Alaska. He was able to get so close to the giant glaciers that he could see every crack and fissure in the ice surface as well as their different colours and texture. The experience left such an impression on him that on his return home he painted the scene, turning the wall of ice into an abstract study and then adding viewers to the foreground, almost as a second painting, to create a sense of scale.

This marriage of abstract art to figurative art can also be seen in Peter's newer interior scenes. He often joins two panels together as a diptych, one depicting an imagined room and the other abstract patterns which echo the mood of the accompanying interior. The quietly waiting rooms have a strong sense of place and reflect Peter's interest in the work of artists such as Edward Hopper as well as his growing interest in mark making and surface pattern. The exhibition will also include a series of views of Salisbury Cathedral Close in different weathers – works that reflect his interest in time and change, be it global warming or the passing of the seasons.

Admission free.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm;   Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm