Angela Corben

Angela’s art work expresses her passionate love of and connection to nature. She aims to communicate honestly the mood of a place and subject through use of light and colour and simplicity of brushstrokes.

Peter Matthews

Peter lives and works in Salisbury and exhibits his work in galleries all around the world. His work is deliberately theatrical and intended to capture a fleeting moment. Memory, desire and the passage of time are the main themes of his work.

Jan Phethean

Jan is fascinated by ancient field systems, the repeating patterns of trees and the relationship between the geology of the earth and the marks of man. Her Cornish studio overlooks the sea so all things of the ocean appear also.

Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sarah's hand-inked collagraph prints are inspired by Dorset scenery from her childhood and the rugged landscape of Scotland where she now lives. She combines vibrant oil-based printing inks with the textural qualities of carefully built collage blocks.

Francesca McLean Illustration for the Fisherton Mill Exhibitors Pages

Francesca McLean Illustration

Illustrator & designer Francesca McLean works with gouache and ink stamps to create illustrations and pattern designs inspired by the English countryside. She also loves to combine beautiful calligraphy with my illustrations.

John Walker

John Walker is particularly interested in woodland animals, and his prints are full of leaping hares, stealthy foxes, squirrels and the occasional fish. Bold outlines reflect Walker’s interest in medieval woodcuts and love of his local Dorset countryside.