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July 2017

Animal Magic

An exhibition of wildlife sculptures, paintings and ceramics

Saturday 1st to Saturday 29th July 2017

The animal kingdom has long inspired artists and a forthcoming group show at Fisherton Mill shows how the magic of the natural world still enchants artists today with exhibits ranging from shaggy highland cattle to tiny field mice and bees.

Although animals have cast their spell over all of the exhibitors, some animals seem to be more magical than others. Illustrator-artist David Andrews is particularly spell-bound by hares. ‘Hares really catch my imagination as they are such magical creatures, both because of their place in folklore and the incredible way they move,’ he says. Among his group of animal pen and ink illustrations will be Time Leap, an intriguing depiction of hares circling a moon-like clock face which explores the animals’ mythical connection with the moon as well as the beauty of their form. Tanya Hinton is also fascinated by animals in folklore and many of her paintings are inspired by Norse and Artic legends. She paints on reclaimed panels of ‘wild-wood’ which provide her with a ready-made landscape and subjects include the raven Hugin, messenger of the god Odin, the legendary wolves, Skoll and Hati, and a galloping chestnut horse, Ferrous.

Ceramist Anne-Marie Marshall’s animals are gentler and less threatening. She uses traditional hand-building techniques to produce eye-catching clay sculptures full of life, texture and character; her subjects range from farmyard animals to more exotic species such as crocodiles and elephants. Pippa Hill also works in clay, as well as bronze resin, and as the proud owner of eight cats and one dog, particularly enjoys making sculptures of domestic animals. 

(Love Your Inner Wolf, a one-day workshop led by the holistic canine behaviourist Dr Isla Fishburn, is being run at Fisherton Mill in conjunction with the exhibition on 8 July. It will focus on how to achieve a happy relationship with your dog by exploring issues such as diet, communication and normal and abnormal canine behaviours. Visit our workshops page for more information


Saturday 8th July 2017  10am to 5pm  for “Love Your Inner Wolf” workshop