Fisherton Mill Spring Exhibition

Saturday 6th April to Saturday 4th May 2019

Fisherton Mill heralds the arrival of spring with a joyful celebration of the natural, and in some cases the super-natural, world. There are the usual seasonal suspects including wobbly-legged lambs, brightly coloured butterflies and curling fronds of bracken, as well as some more curious appearances including faintly menacing metal insects, jagged stones and fantastical images of female figures nestling in the arms of giant cats.

What makes this group show particularly interesting is the variety of materials used, which range from the sea glass jeweller Sarah Drew incorporates into her necklaces to the stitched, painted and printed fabrics textile artist Louise Wainwright uses to build up her delicate floral panels. Pip White also works with textiles, using a combination of merino and yak wool and silk to create her atmospheric landscapes and coastal scenes. Louise Bird uses printmaking techniques such as mezzotint to create her lovely depictions of bees, while Aili Chia’s colourful vases of flowers are worked in paint and Christine Baxter models in clay before casting her finished sculptures in iron resin. Rob Coles uses recycled metals to build up his intriguing and strangely life-like insects and Sarah Drew also uses recycled materials, combining her beach finds with eco-silver and brass to create her funky, chunky jewellery.

Admission free
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm