Lindy Barletta

With 15 years of experience, London-based potter Lindy is a thrower by trade, making mugs, jugs, bowls, platters and teapots in colourful glazed porcelain. Fisherton Mill has her Botanical themed range of hand built slab vessels in 6 colours.


Sue Binns

Sue’s functional domestic stoneware is produced by brushing dilute cobalt over the dolomite glaze before firing to 1240°c. Combinations of stripes are a major feature of her work and are carefully chosen to suit each individual piece.

Vanessa Conyers

These handcrafted ceramic pieces are assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics. Vanessa uses layers of paint, mono-print and glaze embellished with enamel decals, gold lustre & mother of pearl.

Ruth Coombs

Salisbury-based ceramicist Ruth creates hand crafted decorative ceramic pieces using a variety of stoneware clay bodies. The patterns and textures created in the clay have been inspired by the twists and turns of a murmuration of birds and the way many single birds seem to be connected as one.

Julia Davey

Julia makes small batches of earthenware ceramic items inspired by personal events, places and objects. She says “One day it’s flamingos at the zoo and the next a bee trapped in my garden shed”.

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Duck Ceramics

Alice Duck now runs her independent pottery studio, originally founded in a small attic room in her Bristol flat,  from her Brighton studio. All her works are handmade and simplicity and function are at the core of each piece she makes. 

Alice Garland

These unique ceramic pieces are created using paper porcelain made from a mixture of raw materials, mainly china clay, potash feldspar, quartz and bentonite. Alice  finishes the mix with the addition of some paper fibre.

Ian Harris

Working in Dorset, Ian develops ceramic pieces in an intuitive way, constantly sketching, designing, and exploring ideas from small, observed details of natural forms — a crack running through a pebble; worn elements of a broken oyster shell; an angular fracture in a piece of flint. Every piece is unique and individually created.

Jane Pritchard

Jane's current work centres on the theme of renewal and how our environment changes with time, contrasting the new against the old. The Sintra range was inspired by a visit to the Palacio da Pena in Sintra, Portugal. They are handmade from porcelain with copper, cobalt, iron and manganese oxides.

Shelton Pottery

Ken and Valerie make all their work by hand. Ken throws the pots using fine white earthenware and Valerie decorates each piece with free-hand painting using ceramic colours; no transfers or guidelines are used. Each piece is truly unique. 


Terri Smart

Terri works from her studio at home in Surrey, with views over the garden and surrounding fields which are a constant source of inspiration for her seed pod forms and of course any birds that happen to visit.

Nam Tran

Nam Tran runs Cernamic in London and is an award-winning specialist in wheel thrown raku. Using unique alternative methods and approaches, he aims to identify rules, in order to manipulate and bend them.

Neil Tregear

Tregear Pottery on the Isle of Wight produces beautiful handmade stoneware pottery made from a fine white stoneware clay and hand decorated in designs drawing their inspiration and influences from the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscapes.