Libby Ballard

Libby's hand-thrown ceramic tableware is all created at her home studio in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
​Each product is made from flecked Stoneware Clay, mixed from a blend of two clays. All items are individually hand thrown on the potter’s wheel starting from just a ball of clay.

Julie Barham

Working from her garden studio, Julie produces tableware and more sculptural pieces for the garden, using both stoneware and earthenware clays decorated with coloured slips and glazes.

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Duck Ceramics

Alice Duck now runs her independent pottery studio, originally founded in a small attic room in her Bristol flat,  from her Brighton studio. All her works are handmade and simplicity and function are at the core of each piece she makes. 

Vanessa Conyers

These handcrafted ceramic pieces are assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics. Vanessa uses layers of paint, mono-print and glaze embellished with enamel decals, gold lustre & mother of pearl.

Makiko Hastings

These stunning ceramics are handmade by Maki, originally from Japan and living in a small Yorkshire town where her pottery studio is located. Most of her work is hand-thrown stoneware. Each piece is kept in a simple form to be functional, with beautiful surface decoration and muted colours.

Sejal Patel

Sejal specialises in ceramics with a particular focus on mould making and slip-casting, she crafts decorative and functional pieces. Each piece is individually made in Sejal’s studio where she hand crafts simple porcelain pieces each with an embossed heart.

Shelton Pottery

Ken and Valerie make all their work by hand. Ken throws the pots using fine white earthenware and Valerie decorates each piece with free-hand painting using ceramic colours; no transfers or guidelines are used. Each piece is truly unique. 

Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders is a figurative ceramicist making her signature human forms, coloured using slips, oxides and underglazes and fired to stoneware temperatures.


Terri Smart

Terri works from her studio at home in Surrey, with views over the garden and surrounding fields which are a constant source of inspiration for her seed pod forms and of course any birds that happen to visit.

Neil Tregear

Tregear Pottery on the Isle of Wight produces beautiful handmade stoneware pottery made from a fine white stoneware clay and hand decorated in designs drawing their inspiration and influences from the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Vicky Whelpton

Vicky creates beautiful cream-based earthenware from her Wiltshire studio. All the pots are thrown, brush and sponge decorated with cherries, plums, peaches, and other summer and autumn fruit.