Ema Kasper Make-up Artistry Workshops

Make-up Artistry Workshops with Ema Kasper

Ema is a professional make-up artist and runs her own company called HMUA Ema Kasper where she provides visual and artistic design services to clients on runway, magazine editorials, TV, film, media and  music videos. She is also a qualified visual arts teacher and will teach you how you can transform from your daytime make-up, effortlessly and easily, into an exciting evening look. I will take you through all of the steps, one-by-one. I will first demonstrate on a model, so that you can see exactly how I do it, and afterwards we will practice on ourselves - until we get it just right!

Ema will show you all the best, professional make-up techniques, and will work through and find the perfect make-up style for you. Everyone has different needs, so she will tailor it personally to you and show you all of the industry secrets she uses to get the best looks. She will personalise the make-up process to you and this will allow you to keep using the techniques and makeover tips forever!

Ema has no workshops scheduled at the moment but if you are interested in attending a workshop with Ema then please do get in touch.