Into Africa

A solo exhibition by Louise Luton

29th February - 4th April 2020

Beautiful oil paintings inspired by light and nature. Louise combines naturalism with expressive colour to create something beautiful, quirky and a joy to look at.

Late last year Louise realised a lifelong dream to go on safari in Africa and paint the wildlife there. Her forthcoming exhibition at Fisherton Mill explores her fascination with the natural world and the endangered species found in Kenya. Louise’s work is a reflection of the world she sees around her, she uses colour in surprising ways; vibrant colours sit alongside neutral tones to create something pleasing for the eye.

Gradually though, animals have taken over Louise’s work and she focuses on creating a connection between the viewer and the animal. The eyes of the animal draw you in and you find yourself face to face with something beguiling and beautiful. In her work you can see Louise exploring nature’s tensions - the animal is still but it could go at any second, the sunset is beautiful but soon it will be dark. She captures a moment in nature for a lifetime on canvas.

Louise's paintings are built up in layers and they spring from hours and hours sketching. She sketches in watercolour because it’s more portable and spontaneous, but her finished pieces are in oils.
Louise’s work is becoming more widely known, she produces prints with a publishing house and is now exhibited throughout the UK.

Free admission


You can see Louise painting away in our Main Gallery each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the exhibition. Just pop along any time between 10am - 3pm  on these days to see her at work and chat to her about her paintings and processes.