The Glamour of Abstracts

A solo exhibition by Munro Wright

12th February - 12th March 2022

Exhibiting here at Fisherton Mill between 12 February and 12 March 2022 is the Saatchi Art abstract artist Munro Wright. In 2016, Munro Wright founded the new 21st century art genre 'Abstract Spiritualism.' This genre is distinctively different from the now 100 years old art genre 'Abstract Expressionism'

Abstract spiritualism goes further than abstract expressionism in that this genre endeavours to communicate to viewers the extra-sensory and extra-terrestrial spiritual aspects of life and seeks to convey visually the unseen and unknown yet intuitively-felt spiritual aspects of life. Those with the most open minds experience these phenomena as the souls and spirits of those who once lived on planet Earth seek to communicate with us. This often happens in times of danger or to impart new knowledge to people like scientists when they are grappling to solve problems and to people such as writers and artists who are seeking inspiration.

Unlike abstract expressionism, the genre of abstract spiritualism does not contain any figurative imagery. In that respect, abstract spiritualism is the purest form of abstract painting. Yet, unlike abstract expressionism, abstract spiritualism should be technically well-painted and have depth and perspective just like figurative paintings painted by graphic illustrators.

The abstract paintings of Munro Wright express the spirit force of life. The inspiration for his abstracts and, indeed, the very way they are painted comes not from the artist Munro Wright, but the various spirit forces which inspire these abstracts. The artist Munro Wright, is the mere technician who applies the acrylic paints to the canvas - his role is no more than that. He admits quite candidly that if anyone asked him to paint the kinds of abstracts he paints, he could not consciously do that without the aid and input of the spiritual guidance bestowed on him.

Because the art genre of abstract spiritualism is so new, the mainstream art critics have not yet discovered it. When they do, as well as artists generally, there is a problem. His style of abstract spiritualism is unique and cannot be replicated. Therein lies its value. Visitors to this exhibition will be able to view the very latest abstract paintings being produced in the world today and in doing so may experience a spiritual revelation too.