Double Vision

An exhibition featuring work by David Walker, Scarlet Leatham and Geraldine McLoughlin

11th February - 11th March 2023

Three local artists, all members of 'Plain Arts Salisbury', join together to present an eclectic body of artwork, demonstrating their individual views of the world and the themes that draw them in. 'Double Vision' explores the relationship between the artist:the inspirations and viewpoints that support their individual work, and the viewer and what they see, feel and take away from the interaction, a response that is always highly personal and sometimes quite unexpected! That is the beauty and joy of art!

David Walker combines working as a photographer and travelling, both of which are his passions. His extensive globe-trotting has given him the opportunity to reflect sensitively on the social infrastructure of many cultures. His current focus is on the extraordinary development of street art and how it grows organically within existing environments. David can often be found walking around the streets of London or New York and stumbling on some of the most amazing images you could imagine.

Scarlet Leatham has always been drawn to colour, light and form especially in relation to nature and architecture, the latter of which often draws on the natural world for inspiration. She often uses a macro lens to highlight a particular aspect of what she sees in order to challenge the viewer to look more closely at something that might otherwise be passed by without a second thought. Patterns in nature, seeing a building or aspect of the landscape from an unusual angle are also themes that are featured in her work.

Geraldine McLoughlin has always drawn and painted and her creative processes now focus on working with kiln formed and cast glass which provides an unmatched opportunity for innovation. Geraldine challenges herself as she tries to push the boundaries through temperature control and experimentation, while the interplay between intellectual stimulation and the tactile manipulation of the material keeps her focused. Major influences on her work include water in all its forms, conservation and earth patterns. Her works can be placed indoors or out.

All three artists have exhibited locally and more widely and their works are represented in a variety of settings.

Come along to the Main Gallery on the following days to meet the artists involved and find out more about their work...
Saturday 18 February - Scarlet Leatham
Saturday 25 February - Geraldine McLoughlin
Saturday 4 March - David Walker
All from 11am - 4pm