Colette Halstead

Colette is a Lancashire-based glass artist using traditional techniques of kiln-fired fused glass, taking inspiration from both rural and urban landscapes.

Gregg Anston-Race

A small family-run glass works studio in Cornwall. Gregg creates beautiful handcrafted glass pieces and is known for his distinctive design and bold colours.

Margaret Johnson

Margaret enjoys exploring colour, texture & form with the translucency of glass and has an unusual technique involving the use of straw silk fibre.

Emma Wells

Inspired by Victorian intrigue and opulence, old family photographs and ancestral memories, Emma creates atmospheric and romantic designs in kiln-fired glass.

The Atlas Works

The Atlas Works is a collaboration between two London-based designers and a traditional factory in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The range is a collection of purposeful products that combine modern design, beautiful materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques. All the glassware is made from recycled glass which means the colour and surface markings are unique to each item.

Twist Glass Studio

Twists Glass Studio offers a unique range of handcrafted glass giftware and collectibles all designed and hand crafted by Mike and Sue Hunter. Since starting the studio in 1998, Mike has been leading the way in original glass design, specialising in Venetian cane working techniques.

Stephanie Else

Stephanie is a Brighton-based glass artist specialising in high quality contemporary glass using kiln-formed and glass fusing techniques, combining vibrant colours with surface texture and pattern to create beautiful and tactile pieces for the home.

Jill Lliffe

Jill is a contemporary glass artist based in Hampshire. She creates bold and colourful pieces which are often inspired by Scandinavian design. Each piece is made my hand and therefore completely unique.

Vinegar & Brown Paper

Andy Poplar spends time taking iconic items of glassware and bringing them to life with the tools of typography, wit, wordplay and a slightly askew way of looking at the world, from apothecary jars to laboratory glass, nostalgia filled milk bottles to one-off vintage pieces.

Bob Crooks

Bob is known for the high quality, skilfully executed dynamic forms and surfaces he designs. He makes and finishes by hand. No moulds are used to create the forms or surfaces achieved.