AM Thomas & Heather Miller

The Affinity Exhibition

8th January to 5th February 2022

THE AFFINITY EXHIBITION ... a friendship forged through paint at Fisherton Mill

Annmarie and Heather first met in 2018 on an abstract painting weekend and a love of painting has kept them together ever since. Fisherton Mill is delighted to be hosting this wonderfully vibrant and uplifting collection of artwork from two very talented artists.

Annmarie has a background in architecture and construction and has spent "what feels like a lifetime" drawing straight lines; at first by hand and in later years on computer, so painting in an abstract way allows her to break free from constraints and to express her happier self. Annmarie will be exhibiting a collection of work which explores the relationship between line and organic form, trying to find space on the surface for both to exist as opposites and the complement of each other.

Heather is inspired by the natural world, the seasons, water and changing light, all providing rich influences on her work. She mindfully explores colour and light in each painting, conscious of how these elements lift the spirit and encourage connection with the subject. Her aim as an artist is to engage and intrigue the viewer and draw them into her work, encouraging them to find something different each time they look. As well as working as an artist Heather demonstrates her process to art societies and regularly exhibits at Contemporary Art Fairs and various galleries and art shows around the UK.

Meet the Artists - Annmarie can be found in her studio on the first floor of Fisherton Mill and Heather will be in the Gallery on Saturday 8th, 15th and 29th January.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm