An exhibition of artworks made from recycled materials

Saturday 21st July to Saturday 1st September 2018

Ptolemy Erlington's sculpture "Nautilus" for Recreate Exhibition at Fisherton Mill - July & August 2018
Reclaimed rubber bag from Reclaim Bags
Reclaimed rubber bag from Reclaim Bags
Reclaimed rubber bag from Reclaim Bags

Hubcaps, humanoids and handbags

Collages made from beach finds; handbags constructed from rubber inner tubes; paintings worked on reclaimed slate; chandeliers pieced together from plastic bottles - these are just some of the artworks on show here this summer.  All have been made from recycled materials by artists who are interested in working with discarded or unwanted objects, in the process creating new art from old waste.

Julie Winsor makes kinetic sculptures using wire and recycled copper which she cuts into simple bird silhouettes and suspends from pieces of driftwood found on her daily beach walks. Tom Sibbick also makes sculptures, but his scrap metal creatures are very different to Julie's delicate birds. He has created an intriguing family of humanoid robots, each with a quirky sense of character, be it the inquisitive little machine with big feet or the seemingly laid-back robot with the bendy knees and beady eyes.

Abi Parker is an animal artist with a difference.  Instead of painting on paper, she uses reclaimed slate as her surface material, relishing both each stone's different colours and textures and their past.  She says "The real romance behind every slate painting is that it is reclaimed, a part of history and had a purpose before being condemned. "

Other materials given new life in this exhibition include the hubcaps Ptolemy Erlington transforms into his striking sculptures, the tweed off-cuts Claudine Sear uses to make her bags and the vintage fabrics and beads Tamsyn Gregory incorporates into her textile artworks.

The other exhibitors in the exhibition are:

Louise Block (recycled jewellery), Tamsyn Gregory (recycled textiles), Trudi Lloyd Williams (sculptural pieces), Reclaim Bags (reclaimed rubber and other materials), Claudine Sear (leather and fabric bags) and Carla Taylor (sustainable needle-felted items).

Admission free. Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm;   Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm