An exhibition of artworks made from recycled materials

Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 13th August 2022

An exhibition of reclaimed and recycled artwork bringing together 12 artists and makers from across the country.

'Recreate' is an inspiring exhibition dedicated to the creation of new art from old. If you're looking for some guilt-free sustainable fashion, have a look at what can be upcycled from fabrics such as duvet covers, curtains and table cloths! Find original print fashion and hand-painted festival t-shirts. To accessorise choose a beautiful hand stitched leather bag, tanned using natural vegetable extracts like wood, bark, fruit, roots and leaves (no need for harsh chemicals) or a carpet bag lovingly recreated from unwanted and unloved Persian rugs. Perhaps a bespoke, beautifully finished fabric bag made from carefully sourced and previously loved material. To complete the look choose some whimsical jewellery hand-made from copper and fragments from the past - copper and brass sheet, broken bits of pottery, beads, buttons and anything pretty or choose some contemporary, mid-century inspired statement jewellery handmade using recycled silver and resin.

The exhibition also features reclaimed, found and vintage home decor, from cutlery creations to upcycled, decorated sardine tins. See beautiful artwork combining wood with parts of classic old items - clocks, cars, sports equipment and musical instruments and quirky ensemblage featuring dancing birds flapping china wings and wagging twirling copper tails. Also 3D hand-cut analogue paper collage inspired by classic movies, vintage fashion and intense colour and unique decorated mirrors using glass and wirework.

There's more for the home with unusual lights and artwork created from recycled plastic bags, unique hand made macrame décor and accessories and one-of-a-kind coastal inspired artwork. Also hand-made prints and reclaimed wood paintings. See also a range of environmentally friendly, fairtrade furniture and objects for the home including unusual, eco-friendly, ethical gifts from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

'Recreate' is a truly imaginative exhibition running for 6 weeks over the summer months...don't miss it!