A Franks or 2

Exhibition by Alex and Adrian Franks

Thursday 14th June to Saturday 14th July 2018

A Franks or 2 is the coming together of father and son for what promises to be an exhibition of diverse artistic talent.

Alex Franks was born here in Salisbury in 1995 and is now studying Fine Art (BA) at the University of the West of England in Bristol.  His love of drawing and traditional print techniques, like etching, have been present as long as he can remember and this love has grown since starting his degree.

He is generally concerned with darkly comic themes and the grotesque. He is currently interested in the relationship between reality and dreams - the paradox of each being present in his work and harking back to the ideals of artists of classic Gothic grotesque.

Whilst he likes to disturb people and their perceptions, there is something beautiful to him about this symbiotic relationship. Dreams are the results of the real events of the day, whilst our reality is certainly the product of dreams. Feeding off each other as they do, equally divine and satanic, mundane and absurd, how can we tell them apart?

It is on that blurred line where Alex's work sits, hopefully giving pause to any who view it; whether in a light-hearted manner, something sinister or perhaps even some metamorphosis of the two.

Adrian Franks was born in Leicester in 1967 and has been a Salisbury resident since 1995.  He is an artist and a graphic designer.  This will be his third exhibition at Fisherton Mill. The first, a solo exhibition "Four Square" was a colourful array of squares painted in oil on canvas.  The second, a joint collaboration with a friend and colleague, was "Creative 1.0" which featured ink and watercolours. 

This collection shows continuing inspiration of line and shape, softening these lines to create spontaneous and beautiful coloured ink and watercolour originals of imagined trees and seascapes. 

Admission free. Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm;   Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm