Belltrees Forge

The blacksmiths at Belltrees Forge create innovative ironwork quite different from the norm. No two pieces are identical and it is this, combined with the artistic quality of Jonathan Eadie’s designs, which give special uniqueness to the products from Belltrees Forge.

Blott Works

Run by Dan Morrison and his life-long friend and collaborator Andy Plant, Blott Works produce ‘common appliances as original sculpture‘. They are both artist/engineers with many years experience of creating magical and wondrous worlds and objects.

Colin Chetwood

Colin creates lighting inspired by the nature and, in particular, flowers around him. His colourful shades and copper stemmed lamps are part of his contemporary range of lighting for the office and home.

Brian Greaves

Brian Greaves is an artist blacksmith . He designs and creates his unique sculptures onboard canal tug Bronte, which he built in 1992. It is equipped with a blacksmith’s forge and all the necessary tools for his artwork.

Emma Purdie

Each of Emma's lampshades is screen printed by hand on beautiful quality artist linen.  The vibrant colour palettes she uses provide a beautiful focal point to any space.

Ian Snow Lampshade image for Fisherton Mill Exhibitors page

Ian Snow Lampshades

These lampshades from Ian Snow are hand crafted in India under Fair Trade conditions using handmade paper and the traditional skill of origami. A large proportion of the raw materials are recycled. 

Meryl Till

A long time maker of decorative sculptural forms, Meryl has moved into the development of lighting using the translucent qualities of porcelain clay. Her lamps have a wonderful warm glow and create delicate light patterns on surrounding walls.