John Munro "21st Century Abstracts"

An exhibition of contemporary art

Saturday 3rd to Saturday 31st March 2018

'For the bravest of the brave'

Artist John Munro is exhibiting a selection of his eye-popping abstract paintings at Salisbury's Fisherton Mill this spring. He describes his pictures, with their zinging colours and powerful patterns, as truly modern works of art which appeal to 'the bravest of the brave art buyers', adding that abstract art tends to be purchased by people who are innovative, forward-looking, enterprising and optimistic.

Munro, who works from a studio in the New Forest, started his professional career as a textile designer, before moving on to become a marine artist. However two years ago, he took a dramatic change of artistic direction, rejecting his conventional pictures of shipping in Southampton Water, for the startling abstract paintings featuring in this exhibition. 'I just had the impulse one day to try something different - it was a bit mad, but I feel far more creative now that I am really letting my imagination work', he explains.

His acrylic paintings are all about colour and light and Munro is careful not to let any hint of pictorial representation creep into them. Their invented titles, such as Bluezilia and Zammerous, underline the fact that the pictures are purely abstract and are inspired by images originating inside Munro's own head, rather than those from the everyday outside world. This intuitive creative process results in a series of unusual, compelling paintings wich will appeal to those who are looking for something a little different to hang on their walls.

Admission free.

Opening hours:   Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm     Saturday: 9.30am-5.30pm     Sunday: Closed