Mistletoe and Merriment

A Christmas exhibition of contemporary art and craft

Saturday 10th November 2018 to Saturday 5th January 2019

Robin MacFarlan painting
One of Esther Smith's automata
Johanna Kennedy Wall horse sculpture

Fisherton Mill’s seasonal exhibition puts the fun back into Christmas shopping. The wide selection of artworks and paintings on show include a range of playful objects, such as leaping horses, toy-like automata and intriguing images cunningly painted with optical illusions that play tricks on the viewer.

Johanna Kennedy Wall’s light-hearted horse sculptures are made from playground rescues which she has transformed into delightful, blingy creatures full of magic and sparkle by adding jewelled saddles, harnesses and decorative patterns. Esther Smith’s charming metal automata are quieter but equally playful as by turning a simple handle you can activate the moving parts such as flying kites and leaping hares. Robin MacFarlan uses his skill with perspective to make intriguing paintings in which things are not quite what they seem - is the cat inside or outside the toy box and is it actually a box anyway, or a flat wall panel?

The exhibition also brings a taste of the winter woods into the gallery. There is felt mistletoe to get you into the Christmas spirit, as well as Zac Newham’s unusual mosaics made out of small discs of skillfully arranged wood. Edd Lewis’s wooden floor lamps that appear to be growing out of the ground like young trees add to the forest theme as do the wooden candle holders made out of tangled branches by Entwined in Yew.

More conventional Christmas gifts will also be on show including Rachel Stormonth Darling’s animal sculptures, lighting, gifts and soft furnishings.

The exhibition launch will happen at the annual Fisherton Mill Christmas Shopping Evening on 9th November 2018. The evening will be full of cheer with live music, drinks, tasty nibbles and festive discounts. Please do come along!

Admission free.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5pm Sundays in December 11am - 4pm*
*Fisherton Mill will be opening on Sundays from 25th November 2018

Please note that our Main Gallery on the first floor is reached by a staircase and so is not accessible for people using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Edd Lewis Tree Lamp
Felt Mistletoe Decorations
Zac Newham wood collage work called Tribute
Rachel Stormonth-Darling animal sculpture
Entwined in Yew tealight holders and lamps