A wonderful collection of atmospheric abstract landscapes by Joy Hillyer

14th October - 4th November 2023

Joy Hillyer had a career in law and legal education before taking an honours degree in garden design and attending art courses taught by Sophie Hacker. From 2012 to 2014 she attended Advanced Painting Practice at Morley College, London (tutors Steve Wright and Guillem Ramos-Porqui). After seven years in Central London she now works from her studio in Wiltshire.

‘Interventions’ combines abstracted images of Wiltshire and the human impact on its landscape with more experimental work where the landscape in less certain and the interventions often dramatic. Her landscapes aim to convey a sense of place, of placement and exploration within the landscape that goes beyond detailed representation. Particular events or echoes of memory convey layers of meaning within a deceptively pared down landscape. Some paintings refer more overtly to the tradition of landscape painting with an echo of Romanticism and the Sublime; others are on a smaller scale and focus on a detail. Some images explore in more depth the human impact on the environment: the 'Resistance' series has its roots in the conflict in Ukraine.

Joy's work reveals a sharpness, a tension and energy that is unsentimental with colour being as important as form.

She has exhibited her work across the south of England including: Westminster Abbey, London, Winchester Cathedral and Sarum College, Salisbury. One of her Wiltshire images was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022.

Meet the Artist - Joy will be in the Gallery each Tuesday and Saturday of the exhibition from 11am - 3pm.