Visual Marks

Saturday 5th October – Saturday 2nd November 2019

Visual Marks is a group of textile artists who joined forces six years ago to share ideas and skills.
They hold regular exhibitions and their Autumn show this year is inspired by Voyages, both real
and imaginary. Exhibitors include Elizabeth Saunders who has been inspired by the spirit of the
Titanic. She has taken an abstract view of the liner focusing on the interiors and costume of the
day. Journeys into the unknown are the inspiration for Sue Evans’ quirky long-distance signpost
and Jill Brennan’s stitched musings on the hidden journeys of words and music.

Sue Emery is inspired by the Silk Roads and the fabulous cities along this ancient trade route: her
work echoes the rich colours and geometric paerns of the traditional textiles associated with
the area. Wendy Fleckner takes a more contemporary journey as her starting point and is showcasing
colour-infused, textile seascapes which explore the movement of plastic waste through the

Personal journeys run as a sub-text through many of the works. Anne Riches’ incorporates photographs
from her recent travels to Scotland’s Western Isles in her atmospheric wall hangings. Janet Ferguson seeks to capture the landscape of her youth in her work, while Beth Philpot who calls herself a passionate traveller, is inspired by the different landscapes she has visited. Letitia Dickinson sees her work as a reflection of the privilege of world-wide travel as well as her love of textiles. For Sue M Evans the voyages theme evokes thoughts of exploration and discovery journeying into the unknown and the complexities of finding one’s way.

An interest in landscape links several exhibitors. Vanessa Bettinson uses photography to create
her luminous woodland scenes, printing the images and then embroidering details such as tree
trunks and branches over the print. Hampshire-based Barbara Strange takes sketches of her the
local countryside as her starting point and her latest work has been inspired by drawing trips to
Buckland Rings, while the sea is a source of fascination for Ruth Peel whose work is inspired by its
mysterious undercurrents.

The exhibiting artists will be hosting ‘Meet the Artist’ sessions on Saturdays 12th, 19th and 26th
October from 10.30am-3pm in the Main Gallery.