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"Thank you for your interest in Fisherton Mill. Whether you come as an art enthusiast, passing tourist or regular visitor to our Gallery, Café and Studios, we look forward to welcoming you as our special guest!"  Deborah and Michael Fox

This beautiful and historic Victorian grain mill, built in 1880 and beautifully restored over the past 20 years, provides a fantastic atmosphere for enjoyable and relaxing art viewing, shopping and dining - and all just steps away from the high-street crush!

Fisherton Mill's fascinating history

Fisherton Mill's historic legacy goes all the way back to 1880, when it was built as a grain mill for William Main & Sons Ltd. Even today, the Mill's high ceilings, original pillars and cast-iron beams stand testament to its proud heritage as a working building.

William Main had the Mill built on Fisherton Street to be conveniently situated on the Market House railway siding from the station to the Market House (now the City Library). The stables used to house horses and carts are now Fisherton Mill's artists' studios, home to thriving independent businesses.

When William died, his son Leonard inherited the business. His tenure was interrupted by the 1914 - 1918 war, when the War Department requisitioned the Mill as bonded warehousing for the Australian Army. From 1920 through to 1950, the business flourished, with Leonard's son Ronald taking over in the 1960s.

Rapid mechanisation and new farming methods led the Main family to diversify into horticulture and, in 1984, they took the decision to close the Mill.  Over the next decade, the building fell out of use and, by the end of 1993, it faced dereliction.  However, Leonard Main and his brother Michael - great-grandsons of the founder - came up with a plan to save the Mill by renovating and reinventing it as an art gallery.

The current owners, Michael and Deborah Fox, successfully ran the Gallery Café with the Main brothers,  before acquiring it from them in 2005.  Under the Foxes, Fisherton Mill has become one of Salisbury's most successful small businesses, incorporating the largest independent art gallery in the South West, a gift shop, a multi-award-winning Café and 12 artists' studios, as well as popular crafting workshops and regular arts and crafts exhibitions.

As the only industrial building left standing in Salisbury's medieval city centre, Fisherton Mill remains an important part of this beautiful city's heritage. Even today, the Main family's legacy is evident, as witnessed by the building's impressive and powerful architecture (including a large grate to mark the spot where grain was once hauled up and down).

To recognise and honour the Main family and their history, the Foxes renamed the atmospheric exhibition space on the first floor "The Main Gallery" in 2011.  Today, Fisherton Mill - a private commercial enterprise with no external funding - has expanded to employ 14 staff and has a waiting list of artists eager to take up residence in its popular studios!


The Gallery Fisherton Mill Ltd t/a The Gallery
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The Gallery Café
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