Peter Matthews

Peter lives and works in Salisbury and exhibits his work in galleries all around the world. His work is deliberately theatrical and intended to capture a fleeting moment. Memory, desire and the passage of time are the main themes of his work.

Sarah Woolfenden

Working in Devon, Sarah draws trees and woods in black pen. Her subjects are places she has explored or are linked to childhood stories, wolves, fairies, being lost – things that woods and forests often evoke in people. Her original drawings take up to a month to complete.

Layla Khani

Layla paints in oil, acrylic & mixed media. She works mainly on linoleum for printmaking.  Her work is based on imagination and emotion, but reality is always a starting point for her. Her work is an emotional response to the people she meets, places she visits and stories/ poems she reads.

Angela Corben

Angela’s art work is fundamentally about expressing her passionate love of and connection to nature. She aims to communicate the mood of the place and subject through her use of light and colour and simplicity of brushstrokes, being always honest to her emotions.

Jan Phethean

Jan is fascinated by ancient field systems, the repeating patterns of trees in the landscape, and the intricacies of the relationship between the geology of the earth and the marks of man. Her Cornish home and studio overlook the sea so all things of the ocean turn up in her work too.

Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sarah creates hand-inked, collagraph prints. Originally from Dorset, her work is inspired by its scenery and also the rugged landscape of Scotland where she now lives. She combines vibrant oil-based printing inks with the textural qualities of carefully built collage blocks.

Tanya Hinton

Tanya began exploring paint at a very early age, learning key skills from her father.  She seeks out interesting pieces of wild wood to paint on, enjoying the excitement of finding something that has been overlooked and seeing a whole new life for it.

Robin Moorcroft

Dorset printmaker Robin uses collagraphy, linocutting and monoprinting in her work. Inspired by the natural environment, she experiments with the structural and textural properties of plants, pressing pieces and using them as the basis for her printing blocks.

John Walker

John Walker is particularly interested in woodland animals, and his prints are full of leaping hares, stealthy foxes, squirrels and the occasional fish. Bold outlines reflect Walker’s interest in medieval woodcuts and love of his local Dorset countryside.