Joanna Lyle scarves image for Fisherton Mill exhibitors page

Joanna Lyle

British designer Joanna Lyle works in Milan. In recent years, she has developed her own textiles based on experiments with watercolours which, printed onto silks, fine wool and soft velvets, take the form of fashion garments and accessories. Each piece has a refined elegance, distinctive in its subtle and original use of colour.


Tibor Eperjessy

Hampshire-based artisan leather craftsman, Tibor Eperjessy,  makes carefully hand stitched bags, purses and glasses cases. Strongly influenced by traditional Eastern European hand crafts, he combines a simplicity, love of colour and great appreciation for natural leather as a raw material. 

Claudine Sear Bag image for Fisherton Mill exhibitors page

Claudine Sear

Cornish based artist, Claudine, has a passion for made objects with a slightly home-spun edge and uses a mixture of old and new materials in her work. She says she likes to recycle any fabric wherever she can! 

Janie Knitted Bags and Purses

Jane concentrates on making and developing her own knitted fabrics and products with her partner, Michael. They use natural fibres such as merino wool, linen and cotton and are currently using yarns from UK suppliers only.

Weaver Green

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor, Weaver Green's textiles from which they make their bags are hand woven by craftsmen and women and made entirely from recycled plastic bottles!