An exhibition featuring work by Louise Luton

22nd April - 20th May 2023

Welcome to an exploration of wildlife through the creative eyes of Salisbury artist Louise Luton. Fisherton Mill is delighted to be welcoming back Louise with her new exhibition entitled 'Safari'.

Louise is inspired by the natural world and is well known as a wildlife painter. With her latest solo exhibition, Louise offers viewers a glimpse into the safari adventure that inspired it all.

Louise brings you a breathtaking collection of oil paintings and prints that capture the beauty and colours of Africa’s iconic Masai Mara. Her bright colours, varied brush strokes and vibrant energy bring the African Savannah alive. Engage with these pieces on an unforgettable journey - let your senses explore what lies beyond! The incredible masai guides at Offbeat Mara take Louise to unforgettable locations so that she is able to get up close to all the wildlife there and now she shares that experience with you through her artwork.

The exhibition presents a variety of work from small mixed media sketches, to large oil paintings. There are some stunning and very affordable framed prints of selected works too.

Meet the Artist: Louise will be in residence on Friday 28th April and Friday 12th May from 10am - 3pm, answering your questions and painting live.

You can find out more about Louise by following the links below...