Echoes & Threads

A joint exhibition by Tamsin Loveday & Helen Kirby

oil painting by Helen Kirby
Artwork by Tamsin Loveday
Woven textiles by Helen Kirby

Saturday 20th April - Saturday 18th May 2024

“Echoes and Threads” presents the work of two Fisherton Mill resident artists who share a fascination with ancient ritual landscapes in Wiltshire. Inspired by the energy and beauty of sacred sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury, Tamsin Loveday and Helen Kirby use unique approaches to textile-art, printmaking, and mixed media to explore connections between past and present, archaeology, spirituality, and contemporary culture.

Helen is a contemporary Artist specialising in painting and textiles. She graduated in 2005 with an MA in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art. Tamsin is a multi-disciplinary Artist with a special interest in paper, printmaking, and book-arts who attended Winchester School of Art in 2009, graduating with a BA Hons in Fine Art-Printmaking. Helen draws inspiration from our prehistoric ancestors; their spiritual journeys of ceremony, ritual and daily life. For the exhibition she has created a series of "Sound Paintings", recording the resonance of her acoustic instruments whilst playing respectfully and peacefully in and around ancient monuments, and interpreting the sounds as colour, line, and form to create a series of paintings and mixed media. Taking inspiration from the ancient people and their daily life, Helen will be showing her Flax Linen Tunics with details of hand weaving and hand-painted motifs.

Tamsin's visual practice is research and process led, with core concerns being "things that connect us to each other, to landscape, to the past and the traces of these things". Her enquiry into people’s relationships to ancient monuments and ritual landscapes began during a visit to Tregeseal Stone Circle, followed by several walks along processional routes to make offerings to ancient stones. Tamsin will be exhibiting hand-held "Wand" sculptures, original relief prints and mixed media “Energy Diagrams”.

As part of the exhibition Tamsin and Helen will be holding a curated collection of special events, participatory opportunities and creative workshops including two 'Meet the Artist' sessions on Saturday 20 April from 11am - 12 and from 2 - 3pm when visitors can hear more about the inspiration and creative process behind this fascinating exhibition of paintings, mixed media, textiles and conceptual artwork. Further information about the workshops and booking details are available here.

You can find out more about the artists involved by clicking the links below...

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