Charlotte Whitmore

Charlotte creates stunning mixed media jewellery from her workshop in West Yorkshire. Working mostly in silver, she then brings other materials such as vintage plastics, wood and glass into the mix for colour and texture.

Linda Beveridge

Linda creates her designs by hand in her Wiltshire studio. Her beautiful pieces are designed to be easy and comfortable to wear, long-lasting and fun.

Judith Brown

Judith makes elegant jewellery in silver wire using wrapping and stitching techniques. Her designs have a nostalgic feel. Her latest Geometric collection is inspired by the shapes and patterns of Art Deco design. She started making in 2004 and works from her studio in Leek, Staffordshire.

Helen Burgess

Inspired by nature, historical jewellery and jewellery from around the world, Helen likes to create pieces using precious metals and semi and precious stones that are simple, unique and have a timeless quality to them.

Elinor Cambray

Elinor uses traditional techniques to hand make her jewellery in Salisbury.  She is inspired by her love of botany and nature, drawing on the subtle textures and flowing lines of plants and the surrounding countryside. She uses recycled metals and ethically sourced natural gemstones.

Yvette Cannon

Dorset artist Yvette’s work, inspired by nature & the timeless theme of love, has a sculptural quality. She produces an element of delicacy in some pieces whilst still forming substantial tactile hard-wearing objects.

Tamara Dixon

Tamara Dixon's jewellery is an ever changing collection using traditional chain making techniques with a contemporary twist. All of the designs are created in limited editions.

J and D Field

John and Dawn Field work together to create their asymmetrical metal range which involves stencilled silver with other shapes soldered onto it. Earrings in the range will have a vibrant, rich coloured stone attached to one and decoration in the form of some brass loops on the other.

Susanna Hanl

Susanna’s makes one-off pieces in silver, gold, pearls, precious and semi precious stones –  she loves the idea that every piece is unique, which makes it even more special for the person who wears it.

Fiona Hutchinson

Taking her inspiration from the West Sussex coast, her home, places she visits and even her pantry, Fiona creates unique and wearable jewellery combining gems and precious metals.

Bea Jareno

Bea's unique contemporary pieces are raw textured precious metals, sterling silver, yellow and white gold with a matt finish, combined with precious gemstones, beads and pearl. She feels their minimal style perfectly reflects a sense of balance.

Suzanne Ball

Suzanne Lives on the edge of the New Forest with her husband and two young children and takes her inspiration for her jewellery from the beautiful, bountiful flora and fauna that surrounds her home.

Mystic Forms

MYSTIC FORMS is a hand crafted jewellery collection by a London-based Japanese artist Akiko Ban, co-directed with a designer Taiyo Nagano.

Nancy Pickard

Nancy’s sculptural jewellery is made by enamelling onto hand cut pieces of silver. Each piece is unique and she never makes two pieces the same.

Photofinish Jewellery

Stunning handmade colourful jewellery created from photographs of butterflies, leaves and flowers, which are then transposed onto recycled aluminium.

Rosa Pietsh

Rosa Pietsch creates strikingly original designs that mix materials, textures and processes, inspired by vintage prints, embroideries and geometric shapes. Each piece is creatived by hand in Rosa's studio in Bristol.

Pixie Made

Rachel Bailey's work explores her love of wild creatures that occupy the natural world and magical realms. Handmade in silver using unusual and beautiful gemstones that suggest the landscapes the animals inhabit.

Sarah Sowerby jewellery for the Fisherton Mill jewellers exhibitors page

Sarah Sowerby

Salisbury jewellery designer Sarah Sowerby (formally Morris) is inspired by natural forms and colours found in nature and reflects this in her organic, textured and often colourful handmade necklaces, earrings and rings. She incorporates silver, copper, gold and semi-precious gemstones.