The Inward Eye

An exhibition featuring work by Mylene O'Connor

18th March - 15th April 2023

An exhibition of monoprint collage, inspired by the shape, line, colour and texture of land and seascape.

Mylene’s collages are an exuberant abstract and semi abstract response to the pleasure of countryside and coastal walks, inspired by natural and man-made pattern and line such as: rock striations, the barks of trees, the spattering of lichen on a rock, ploughed fields, tractor tracks, the twist of wool on a barbed wire fence. These marks become the monoprint vocabulary from which the finished work emerges.

This exhibition 'The Inward Eye' showcases a body of work begun during the solitude of lockdown and inspired by daily walks in and around the New Forest and by the sea. The title is taken from Wordsworth’s poem, 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud', where he talks of the image of daffodils flashing “upon that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude.”

In the studio, drawing on the inspiration of her walks in nature, Mylene makes monoprints to produce a vocabulary of shape, texture and colour which she collages to form the landscapes and abstractions that take shape upon her 'inward eye'.

Meet the Artist - Mylene will be in the Gallery on Saturday 18th and 25th March and Saturday 1st and 15th April from 11am - 3pm. A great opportunity to find out more about the artist and her work.