An exhibition by The Solent & Southern Art Collective

owls painted on feathers by Mandy Baykaa Murray
Pen and ink drawing by Allan Davies
Crab painted on slate by Abigail Holden-Parker

Saturday 16th March to Saturday 13th April 2024

The Solent & Southern Art Collective is a group of professional artists who work in a range of disciplines including painting, sculpture and photography. They are a non-profit group who organise and curate their own exhibitions with the aim of providing a unique collection of work that will appeal to all. Excitingly, it is the first time this group have exhibited here so all of the artists are new to Fisherton Mill.

'Let the Art Speak' is an exhibition showcasing the contemporary works of six of the Collective’s members. Each artist contributes a unique perspective, resulting in a captivating and diverse display in our Main Gallery, all inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

Abi Holden-Parker is a wildlife artist, painting from her studio in the New Forest. Her recent work blends her love of nature with detailed brushwork, using waney edge wood as her canvas. Allan Davies is a painter and printmaker who works from his studio on the south coast. Having graduated with a fine art degree and taught art since 1978, Allan now exhibits in a variety of galleries across the UK with his dramatic landscape paintings, etchings and drawings.

David Wettner, in addition to his oil and palette knife paintings, crafts distinctive stained glass sculptures mounted on fascinating pieces of wood, featuring birds and flowers that celebrate the beauty of wild landscapes. Mandi Baykaa-Murray, also known as 'The Feather Lady,' specialises in detailed paintings of birds and animals on real moulted feathers, drawing inspiration from spending time in the countryside and connecting with nature.

Vince Lavender, driven by a fascination with reflected light, contributes a selection of photographs celebrating landscapes and seascapes. His experimental photographic processing techniques include printing on canvas, wood, and aluminium. Martin Piercy, a painter and multi-disciplinary artist, brings a wealth of creativity with a focus on capturing the essence of the English countryside and coastal regions through drawing, painting, photography and screen printing.

Meet the Artists

Throughout the exhibition there will be opportunities to meet the different artists involved and learn more about their work. There is no booking required, the artists will be in the Main Gallery on the following days between 11am-3pm:

David Wettner & Mandhi Baykaa-Murray - Saturday 16th March
Martin Piercy -Saturday 23rd March & Tuesday 9th April
Abi H-Parker -Saturday 2nd & Saturday 6th April
David Wettner & Mandhi -Saturday 13th April


glass kingfishers on wood by David Wettner
Seascape photograph by Vince Lavender
Landscape painting by Martin Piercy