Courtyard Makers Market

Saturday 27th November 2021

Have a look below to find out more about each of the makers taking part in the Makers Market on Saturday 27th November...

The Pure Image Works

"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice" - Robert Frank

The Pure Image Works create images of a wide variety of subjects, specialising in the photography of flowers, nature, and landscapes. The aim is to create images that transcend the mere recording of a subject and become more artistic, with compositions that are a celebration of colour, light, shape, and intricate detail with the minimum of digital manipulation. These images are presented for sale in a number of varying formats including greeting cards, framed and unframed photographic prints, and glass tableware.

Find out more about The Pure Image Works here.

Folk Salad Annie 

Ann Miller studied environmental design and then worked as a commercial interior designer. As an artist maker, she likes to use mixed media including acrylics, collage and printing to create hand crafted cards, decorative boxes and small artworks. Ann also enjoys upcycling and using interesting furniture pieces as a canvas for her artwork. Influences include American folk art, architecture and trompe l' oeil. Her work can also be seen at Chalk House Emporium, Wilton shopping village.

Find out more about Ann's work here.

Maisie Jones Ceramics

Maisie is a local potter based in Dorset. Her work is created using the traditional technique of throwing on the potters wheel. However her modern forms bring a contemporary twist to this art form. Maisie uses both slip and glaze decoration techniques to bring her pieces to life. The work is mostly functional tableware sure to bring some colour and fun to your kitchen and dinner table.

Find out more about Maisie here.

Delaney Designs

Sarah makes upcycled gifts and accessories from fabric off cuts from her workshop in the Cranborne Chase countryside. The fabric comes from a sofa company – fabric which would otherwise go to waste. She will be bringing to The Fisherton Mill Christmas market her handmade Christmas decorations and gift ideas for all the family.

Find out more about Sarah's work here.

Alpaca de Perú

As a Peruvian, Patricia is proud of her heritage: alpaca fibre.

Since the Inca Empire artisans in the Andes used to yarn, dye and knit the alpaca wool. Nowadays there are important factories, which do the job, but the manual process is still practised and there are lots of artisans whose livelihood depends on these practises. Alpacas have a very positive impact on the in environment as they have soft padded feet which does not cause pasture damage; at the same time they have a range of 22 natural shades so the need to dye the fibre is reduced.

Patricia creates high quality garments such as scarves, shawls, beanies (for children and adults) and socks all made from silky, soft, fine alpaca fibre, which the Incas described as “a gift from the gods”.

Lucinda Nicholas Art

Lucinda moved to Salisbury in 1970 and now lives in Redlynch. Working in her preferred medium of watercolour as they can be fluid and also very precise Lucinda finds inspiration from her beautiful surroundings: The New Forest, Salisbury Cathedral and the surrounding landscapes. She also likes to work in pen and ink, acrylic and collage.

Lucinda’s work is displayed in homes in Singapore and New Zealand as well as in local collections.
She runs art classes in her Studio in her garden which is open for visits by appointment.

Find out more about Lucinda's work here.

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