Courtyard Makers Market

Saturday 11th September 2021

Have a look below to find out more about each of the makers taking part in the Makers Market on Saturday 11th September...

Fiona Ingram Jewellery

Fiona is a Dorset based teacher, writer and jewellery designer with a passion for metal clay. She loves to work in silver and bronze and is particularly inspired by the local landscape and the history and symbolism of Eastern and tribal jewellery. For two years running Fiona has had a successful entry into the Association for Metal Clay Worldwide calendar of exceptional work.

Find out more about Fiona's work here.

Francesca McLean Illustration

Francesca creates illustrations and pattern designs inspired by the beautiful patterns and vibrant colours found in nature that surround us. These designs are showcased on products such as cushions, tea-towels, limited edition prints, mugs and greetings cards, all printed in the UK with an eco-friendly ethos. Francesca also creates unique gouache paintings.

Find out more about Francesca's work here.

Pippaluk Crafts

Pip White was born and brought up in Salisbury. It has only been recently that her discovery of needle felting has allowed her to explore her talent in a very unique way. Her use of fibre forms an illusion of watercolour or pastels and allows her to create landscapes and coastal scenes mainly from the south west of England. The pictures are created by repeatedly stabbing wool, yak or silk fibres into a backing felt using a barbed felting needle, producing tactile and subtle impressions of natural landscapes.

Find out more about Pip's work here.

The Pure Image Works

The Pure Image Works create images of a wide variety of subjects, specialising in the photography of flowers, nature, and landscapes. The aim is to create images that transcend the mere recording of a subject and become more artistic, with compositions that are a celebration of colour, light, shape, and intricate detail with the minimum of digital manipulation.
These images are presented for sale in a number of varying formats including greeting cards, framed and unframed photographic prints, and glass tableware.

Find out more about The Pure Image Works here.

Charlotte Anna Reed 

Charlotte Anna Reed is the original happy artist! She has been painting feel-good, floral artwork from her garden studio in Salisbury, Wiltshire for 6 years, ever since her hobby of painting became her full time career! Charlotte loves using a vibrant colour palette and a mixture of ink, oil and acrylic paint to exude depth & texture to her compositions. She has exhibited & sold her artworks internationally and continues to bring joy to people’s homes through her happy art!

Find out more about Charlotte's work here.

L.B. Rozas

L. B. Rozas is a local Abstract Artist and Illustrator. Her paintings are full of bright colours, joy, nature and positivity. She wants to bring happiness and fun to people’s homes in the form of Art.

Find out more about her work here.