Fisherton Mill's Christmas Exhibition

Saturday 11th November to Saturday 5th January 2018

For this year's Christmas exhibition, the Fisherton Mill Gallery team have brought together an eclectic selection of work by artists and craftspeople with the intention of delighting and cheering us all in this grey and chilly season of the year.

The theme of the exhibition, "Shine", is embodied in the stunning and complex collage pieces created by our in-house artist, Daniela Manutius Forster. If you visit the First Floor at Fisherton Mill, you will often find her working on her latest large canvas and she's always happy to talk to you about what she does.

Hanging alongside Daniela's work and providing a wonderful splash of colour are the striking paintings of Dan Bilton, in bright, bold acrylics. And in gentle contrast, Judy Glover's atmospheric landscape paintings convey her deep appreciation of the colours and changes in the natural world around her. Also look out for the joyful painting "What Artists Do" by Gemma Dunn.

Our exhibition also showcases the work of local sculptor, Moira Ross, whose wonderful tactile pieces combine elegant style and simplicity, whilst the'Mr Herbert' sculptures by Sally Dunham are both endearing and smile-provoking.

Jo Moreman has created the intricate mosaic plaques you will find in our Main Gallery and downstairs in our Gallery shop and Trudi Lloyd Williams, also utilising mosaic, is exhibiting several of her large garden heart sculptures handmade with recycled materials.

To provide inspiration for your home, our team have picked out beautiful translucent ceramic lamps by Meryl Till and Chrissy Silvers, handcrafted coloured glass vases and bowls by Lucian Drane and the fabulous large mirrored and beechwood trays on stands by Notre Monde.

And for a touch of true indulgence, you will find a cabinet full of treasures - statement pieces of resin jewellery by Dee Barnes, stylish silver jewellery by Malcolm Morris and fabulous precious metal cutlery from Silver Duck.