The Art of Reflection

2D3D South Contemporary Art

Saturday 7th October to Saturday 4th November 2017

Members of the 2D3D South Contemporary Art will be showing their work at Fisherton Mill this Autumn. This artists’ group was originally set up over 30 years ago by a handful of Southampton College of Art graduates and has now grown to include over 40 members, 8 of whom will be showcasing work in the exhibition.

From its early days, the group has focused on both two and three dimensional works of art and so it’s no surprise to see several sculptures included in the show. These are by Don Richards and are made using
a mixture of newspaper, cardboard and wallpaper paste. Richards uses these to build up his eye-catching figures which are at once mesmerising and faintly disturbing thanks to their blank eyes and deliberately awkward poses.

Many of the pictures on show are landscapes inspired by the local countryside, such as Frances Mason’s delicate, dream-like images of New Forest ponies or Karen Eames’ atmospheric depiction of salt marshes
beneath a wind-swept sky. Other group members such as Simmi Whish look further afield for inspiration. She spends time each year painting on the Scilly Isles and will be exhibiting a picture inspired by treasures
found on the beach there. It’s a still life made up of a series of carefully depicted granite pebbles, an oyster catcher’s egg and some peaches from her picnic all nestling among sea holly and old fish bones. ‘I love colour and shapes and how they work together so the weather-beaten rocks make a lovely contrast to the soft flesh of the fruit,’ she says.

EXHIBITION CLOSURES:  Saturday 28th October - private workshop  10am - 5pm