Sarah Saunders

Sarah is a figurative ceramicist working mainly with the construction of slabs. A lot of her work features the human form and pieces are coloured using slips, oxides and underglazes.

Cathy Judge

Cathy is a Somerset-based sculptor. Much of her work, including bronzes and cold cast resin, is inspired by the geometry of the female form.

Terri Smart

Terri creates contemporary pieces by hand in her ceramics studio. Her work often features animals, birds and boats, amongst other things. Colourful and bold designs which are a great addition to the home.

Sally Gardiner

Sally individually hand builds her pieces using stoneware clay. They are fired up to 3 times and she uses slips, glazes and oxides before firing.

Gin Durham

Gin Durham is a contemporary sculptor. Her sculptural animal pieces are each unique, individually sculpted in stoneware and porcelain, incorporating textile-impressed elements and precious metals.

Lily Reid

"Merging pottery and sculpture", Lily Reid's hand-crafted creations depict British wildlife asleep within the flora, often inspired by children's illustrations.

Helen Higgins

Working from her home studio in Wales, Helen creates fascinating figurative ceramic sculptures of animals in costumes.

Catherine Flippence

As well as a painter, Catherine works from her studio on Salisbury Plain creating needle-felted animals called 'fluffyheads'. Full of character and charm, these felted sculptures are perfect for animal-lovers.

Janice James

Janice creates large heads, individually constructed with large clay slabs. She keeps the form relatively simple with minimum expressive detail, and adds bold or elaborate designs with the use of glaze. Pieces are often Raku fired.

Chris Kampf

A Somerset-based sculptor, Chris creates wonderful metal garden sculptures inspired by natural forms including leaves, buds and flowers, incorporating recycled materials where possible. 

Paul Donovan

Paul makes ceramic sculptures to celebrate the human figure and its aspirations in joyful activity. Inspired by the flints strewn over the Wessex landscape, he recreates their fragmentation and colours in clay and glazes.

Tony Foard

Tony creates these striking figures, hand built using a white clay. Most of the final colour and decoration comes from smoke penetrating the surface of the sculptures, finished with glazes, lustres and metallic elements.

Paul Harvey

A love of wildlife was the starting point for Paul’s carving from early in his life. Originally working in wood, he now sculpts his stylised forms of birds and other animals in bronze.

Sophie Howard

Sophie creates collections of themed pieces and is currently focusing on the nude, animals and dance. She sculpts in ceramic, resin and bronzeAn art teacher for 28 years and a creative industrybusiness advisor, she lives and works in Bristol.

Juliet Collins

Specialising in the depiction of animals, and more specifically hares, Juliet creates beautiful homewares and sculptures using stoneware clay with a matt glaze.