Janice James

Janice creates large heads, individually constructed with large clay slabs. She keeps the form relatively simple with minimum expressive detail, and adds bold or elaborate designs with the use of glaze. Pieces are often Raku fired.

Tony Uloth

Tony learnt his craft under the guidance of the eminent animal sculptress, Margot Dent. He works from his studio in Hampshire, sculpting his favourite subjects of animals and portraiture. He works in cold cast bronze resin.

Pratima Kramer

Although she trained as a scientist, Pratima’s love of art has been lifelong. Her unique ceramic pieces are much influenced by frequent trips to India. She tries to encapsulate the country, its magnificent sculptures, stunning textures, vibrant colours and vitality in her work.

Andrew Bull

Andrew’s work is based around small figures and animals depicting the lighter side of life. Each piece is handmade in porcelain, being fired three times, firstly in a bisque, a glaze and finally a lustre firing.

Anne-Marie Marshall Fieber

Anne-Marie Marshall uses traditional hand-building techniques to produce eye-catching clay sculptures full of life, texture and character; her subjects range from farmyard animals to more exotic species such as crocodiles and elephants.

Cathy Judge

The geometry of the female form is what most interests Cathy.  She looks beyond the detail in order to capture the underlying patterns and rhythms and enjoys expressing its lines, emphasising the tactile and curvaceous.

Colleen Du Pon image for Fisherton Mill Exhibitors page

Colleen Du Pon

Colleen du Pon is a Metal Sculptor and Artist Blacksmith living in Bridport, West Dorset. She blends forging with hand, hammer & anvil with contemporary metalworking processes to create works in mild steel.

Sophie Howard

Sophie creates collections of themed pieces and is currently focusing on the nude, animals and dance. She sculpts in ceramic, resin and bronzeAn art teacher for 28 years and a creative industrybusiness advisor, she lives and works in Bristol.

Sally Dunham

Sally creates distinctive, individually handmade figures, human and animal, using her patchwork style of building with clay. She especially likes developing new adventures for her lovable character

Paul Donovan

Paul makes ceramic sculptures to celebrate the human figure and its aspirations in joyful activity. Inspired by the flints strewn over the Wessex landscape, he recreates their fragmentation and colours in clay and glazes.

Paul Harvey

A love of wildlife was the starting point for Paul’s carving from early in his life. Originally working in wood, he now sculpts his stylised forms of birds and other animals in bronze.

Elliot Channer

Elliot displayed a passion for wildlife and art from a young age. Taking inspiration from the countryside, he focuses on capturing the life and grace of the subject, concentrating on their key features but allowing spontaneity to make up the main body of the sculpture.