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Surrey Woodsmiths

Surrey Woodsmiths designs combine art with function. Boasting strong eco-credentials, everything is handmade to order using sustainable wood and other eco-friendly materials.

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Whisky Frames

Working together, husband and wife team Kristen and Ross produce these rustic, yet refined, whisky frames from old Scottish single malt whisky barrels. Each frame is hand-crafted in their studio near Edinburgh.

Richard Stapley

Richard Stapley is a self-taught woodturner based in Hampshire. He makes both functional and decorative items from a variety of sustainable timbers from around the world, although his preference is to use native grown timber.

The Just Slate Company: Scottish Oak

The Just Slate company make a range of attractive rustic oak boards made from sustainably sourced fallen Scottish oak and handcrafted by a local charitable trust whose mission is ensure the future of local woodlands.