Courtyard Makers Market

Saturday 28th August 2021

Have a look below to find out more about each of the makers taking part in the Makers Market on Saturday 28th August...

Slumbermonkey Designs

Designer and maker of illustrated jewellery, homewares, stationery and wood gifts full of colour and quirky details. Based in North Dorset Slumbermonkey Designs is inspired by wildlife and countryside, working in a cute little studio in the garden. Positive vibes are also hugely important and many items explore the power of words using motivational and self-care quotes.
With a background in textiles, patterns feature heavily in many pieces and highlight a love of Retro and Mid-Century influences. Fabrics featuring Slumbermonkey's work can be purchased from their shop on Spoonflower's global marketplace.

Find out more about Slumbermonkey Designs here.

Lemon Pepper Studio

Lemon Pepper Studio is a place to discover the art of Hand Embroidery. Created by artist Pippa Haynes, the Studio is inspired by nature and all the wonders it has to offer. After working for a number of years in editorial and retail set design Pippa took up embroidery and from there developed an embroidery practice that celebrates the organic shapes, colours and textures of Nature, preserving 360 degree and 180 degree micro-habitats through the medium of thread. She now sells Jewellery, Kits, Artwork and Embroidery Tools that aim to inspire people to enjoy the magic of hand embroidery.

Find out more about Pippa's work here.

Pippaluk Crafts

Pip White was born and brought up in Salisbury. It has only been recently that her discovery of needle felting has allowed her to explore her talent in a very unique way. Her use of fibre forms an illusion of watercolour or pastels and allows her to create landscapes and coastal scenes mainly from the south west of England. The pictures are created by repeatedly stabbing wool, yak or silk fibres into a backing felt using a barbed felting needle, producing tactile and subtle impressions of natural landscapes.

Find out more about Pip's work here.

Arts, Rush & Cane 

Erica of ARC Studio designs and makes "Through The Rainbow " – adorable needle felting kits here in Wiltshire. There are kits for making birds, animals, bees, toadstools and pumpkins, and fairytale creatures. Erica’s inspiration is the flora and fauna of the British countryside and the folklore surrounding them. She also creates merino wool tops rainbow-mix bags, and from local wools - a range of Natural Tones and Animal Pelt coloured batts.

Find out more about Erica's work here.

Clare Davie Designs

With a background in both textile and garden design Clare is excited by the design possibilities for colour mixing and pattern creation for polymer clay jewellery inspired by nature and art. Living in Salisbury she has a wealth of inspiration on her doorstep, from the wonderful walks in nature to her own back garden. Clare’s love of the ocean and rivers has also provided a wealth of visual stimulus for her designs. Each pair of earrings is individually handmade and unique and is made start to finish in Clare’s small home studio with care and attention to detail.

Find out more about Clare's work here.

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